This cancer thing has been bump in the road that we didn't see coming.  There have been other bumps of course along the way and looking back none were really as bad as they seemed when we immediately hit them.  None of them prior to this one dealt with Jacquie's health.  She had been the rock foundation and the glue that we all could depend on.  This bump bounced our entire family in a way that we had never experienced.  I started this web site shortly after we hit this bump.  I had promised Jacquie I would do something like this for some time and always found something else that was more important.  I delayed the building of this site shortly after starting until now, not because I found something more important, but the emotions evoked by this bump have been a bit overwhelming.  I have watched the person most dear to me in this world become weak and frail while at the same time become strong and determined.  She has one more chemo treatment and hopefully that is the end of process that has been especially hard on her physically.  She has had many friends send her cards, call and include her in their prayers AND offer information regarding how they or a friend or relative faired and survived the process which has been quite helpful.  We decided that knowing how someone else went through the process was a great asset in bracing for the lows in the process or determining if your personal experience was different and in need of medical attention.  With this thought in mind we developed a calendar that tracks the experiences Jacquie has seen during this process in the hope that maybe someone else might benefit from seeing what Jacquie has experienced.  Hopefully this makes sense and will benefit someone in the future.

Just Diagnosed Hair Thinning Cut My Hair Easy Care Hair Preffered Image
Just Diagnosed Hair Thinning Cut My Hair Easy Care Hair Preferred Image
It's Coming Back Soft and Fluffy I'm Feeling Better Yeah! Life is Good!
It's Comming Back Soft and Fuzzy I'm Feeling Better Yeah! Life is Good!